The courses at the Graduate Program of Sociology are taught in Portuguese. The list of courses offered each semester is available at the SIGAA, and below is the full list of courses registered at the Post-Graduate Program in Sociology. Please, hover the mouse over a course name to see it in Portuguese.

List of Courses

Code Course Credits
Mester’s Degree: Mandatory Courses
HDP829 Sociological Theory I 04
HDP830 Sociological Theory II 04
HDP831 Methods of Social Inquiry 04
HDP145 Teaching Internship I 04
HDP799 Thesis 06
Doctor Degree: Mandatory Courses
HDP835 Advanced Topics in Sociological Theory 04
HDP836 Advanced Topics in Methodology 04
HDP202 Teaching Internship II 04
HDP219 Teaching Internship III 04
HDP899 Dissertation 04
Optional Courses (Master’s and Doctoral degrees)
HDP704 Critical Theory of Society 04
HDP705 Epistemology of Social Sciences 04
HDP706 Ideology Analysis 04
HDP707 Social Change in Brazil 04
HDP708 Theory of Imperialism, Dependency and Internal Colonialism 04
HDP709 State and Social Classes in Brazil 04
HDP710 State and Planning 04
HDP711 Sociology of Development 04
HDP712 Urban and Regional Planning 04
HDP713 Urban Sociology 04
HDP714 Social and Urban Movements 04
HDP715 Rural Sociology 04
HDP716 Agriculture and Social Change 04
HDP717 Agrarian Politics 04
HDP718 Social Movements in Rural Areas 04
HDP719 Economic Sociology 04
HDP720 Political Sociology 04
HDP721 Sociology of Knownledge 04
HDP722 Sociology of Religion 04
HDP725 Peasant Society 04
HDP726 Economic Anthropology 04
HDP727 Latin American Political Systems 04
HDP729 Theory of Economic Development 04
HDP728 Political Theory 04
HDP730 Political Economy 04
HDP732 Historical Features of Brazilian Northeast Development 04
HDP733 Education and Society 04
HDP752 Modern Schools of Philosophy of Science 04
HDP761 Social Classes and Domination 04
HDP763 Reading Course I 02
HDP764 Reading Course II 02
HDP765 Reading Course III 02
HDP797 Study of Brazilian Problems 02
HDP798 Special Topics in Sociology I 04
HDP800 Special Topics in Sociology II 04
HDP801 Special Topics in Sociology III 04
HDP802 Sociology of Family 04
HDP803 Sociology of Sexuality 04
HDP804 Sociology of Imaginary 04
HDP805 Sociology of Imaginary II 04
HDP806 Sociology of Imaginary III 04
HDP807 Cultural Identity 04
HDP808 Thesis Seminary I 02
HDP809 Thesis Seminary II 02
HDP810 Thesis Seminary III 02
HDP811 Reading Course IV 02
HDP812 Reading Course V 02
HDP813 Reading Course VI 02
HDP814 Special Topics in Sociology IV 04
HDP815 Special Topics in Sociology V 04
HDP816 Special Topics in Sociology VI 04
HDP817 Culture of Agrarian Systems 04
HDP818 Urban Anthropology 04
HDP819 Symbolic Systems 04
HDP820 Compared Religions 04
HDP821 Anthropology of Body 04
HDP822 Cultural Change 04
HDP823 The Cultural Dimensions of Man 04
HDP824 Applied Anthropology 04
HDP825 Political Philosophy 04
HDP826 Seminary I 02
HDP827 Seminary II 02
HDP828 Seminary II 02
HDP832 Formation and Development of Brazilian Society 04
HDP837 Methods and Techniques of Research 04
HDP838 Sociology of Brazilian Thought 04
HDP839 Social Changes in Brazilian Northeast 04
HDP841 State, Planing and Public Policy 04
HDP842 State and Urban Social Movements 04
HDP843 Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy 04
HDP844 Gender Relations 04
HDP845 Politics and Post-Modernity 04
HDP846 Discursive Strategies of Power 04
HDP847 Cultural Identity and National Identity 04
HDP848 Culture and Politics 04
HDP849 Seminary of Thesis 04
HDP851 Body Representations 04
HDP852 Space and Environment 04
HDP853 Society and Nature 04
HDP854 Seminary 02
HDP855 Special Topics in Anthropology 04
HDP856 Special Topics in Political Science 04
HDP857 Special Topics in Philosophy 04
HDP858 Special Topics in History 04