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Universidade Federal do Ceará
Programa de Pós-Graduação em Sociologia

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Master’s Degree

The Admissions page has detailed information on how to apply to be a Master’s Degree candidate and the Internal Regulations of the Graduate Program in Sociology (in Portuguese) is the complete and official description of the Graduate Program. What follows is a summary of the most relevant information.

Admission process

Students who hold an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences are eligible to apply for the Master’s degree in Sociology. Students from other areas are eligible if they have been approved in at least three courses in Sociology, Anthropology or Political Science.

The applicants are classified according to the following criteria:

  • The quality of the project of research that the student wants to conduct during the Master’s course.
  • The grade in the written exam (which usually require students to write essays on sociological theory and research methodology), according to the Admission’s Edict.
  • The performance in the oral exam.
  • For native Portuguese speakers, the grade in a foreign language exam (English or French), and for students whose first language is other than Portuguese, the grade in a Portuguese exam.
  • The Curriculum Vitae.

The oral exam might be conducted through video conference for those who live outside of the State of Ceará.

The 20 students who earn the highest scores in the admission process are accepted as Master’s degree candidates.

About the Master’s Degree Course

Master’s Degree candidates have to:

  • Complete at least 24 credits of courses (each credit is equivalent to 4 hours), distributed as 12 credits of obligatory courses and 12 of optional courses.
  • Understand one foreign language (English or French) and Portuguese.
  • Pass the Qualification Exam.
  • Successfully defend the Master’s Dissertation.
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